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Use the connections – recruitment and social networks

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Today I spoke at Social Media: A Recruitment Revolution, where I debated (kind of) Seek’s Jake Andrew on the subject Do you need a job board when you have social networking? The text below is the argument I put for my case (more or less). The big news media. The music industry. Recruitment agencies. Job boards. These are all ideas whose end times have come. At least in their current form. The emergence of social networks (something humans have done for a very long time) underpinned by technology that allows us to extend those networks beyond Dunbar‘s manageable 150 or so has introduced, in the words of Clay Shirky, a “positive supply side shock”# to the ability for humanity to participate and collaborate. And participate we do. It’s not like we haven’t always done so, it’s just now we have the ability to do so on an unprecedented scale and …

Broken without a mouse

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My slides and transcript for my introductory talk at the final National Museum of Australia Talkback Classroom on 25 June 2008. The theme of the event was Youth and the Media. I sat on a panel with Walkley Award winning journalist and presenter, Steve Cannane from the ABC and Jenny Buckland, CEO of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation as we were questioned by a very smart bunch of university and senior high school students on our knowledge and opinion of their engagement with various forms of media. | View | Upload your own Just a couple of months ago, NYU professor, Clay Shirky made what I think is a very incisive observation. He said that this… without this… is broken. He’s right. Humans are less emotionally invested in an experience without the ability to interact with it. And even more importantly, cognitively much less engaged. His statement was made in …

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – not the U2 song

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Here’s the presentation I did for the Canberra Web Standards Group meeting yesterday. It’s a technology and platform independent look at the benefits and cultural aspects around social computing in a business context. The presentation went well, with an interesting 25 minutes of conversation with the audience afterwards. If you’d like to take the presentation and twist it to your own nefarious purposes, feel free. As with all of my material, this is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License, so please, spread it. Mash it up. Change it. Add to it. It is available for full download at Slideshare and if you ask nicely, I’m more than happy to send you the full version with speaking notes. I’d also like to thank my friends Luis Suarez and Ric Hayman for reviewing it and my friend Tara Hunt for some of the ideas.

WebJam 3 – geeks and control freaks

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Woohoo! Slideshare has listed Liberate your control freaks as a featured presentation! In my experience, us geeks are pretty much as normal as everyone else. Despite appearances and interests. I reckon this was proved last night at WebJam 3, where I presented Liberate your control freaks, a blitz manifesto on getting your business to adopt social computing as a way to improve knowledge sharing. I’ve put my slides up on up on SlideShare, but it’s also embedded below. It was a tough room. My opening question to the audience, “So. Who here works somewhere that social computing apps are blocked in any way?” got a show of about three hands in a room of two hundred. Most of them probably didn’t believe they were actually in the minority. WebJam is a great event. A couple of hundred web geeks boozing and watching lightning (three minute) presentations. The format is challenging, …