EDIT: My colleague and social network expert, Laurel Papworth, has published her own response.

My friend, Cheryl Gledhill, from molt:n has alerted me to another big business – National Australia Bank and their new UBank brand – who apparently hasn’t talked to a social media/social networking/communications specialist. Or at least one of the ones who will give them good advice.

That’s twice this year that NAB have crapped in their own nest on social media issues – we remember the AFL blogs thing, right? Take a look at Google if you don’t. That first link’s a doozy!

Who’s advising them, I wonder? Whoever it is needs a solid toe in the backside. And their contract terminated.

Cheryl’s commenter, Frank, obviously has no clue that the community can identify pretty accurately where he’s coming from, if not exactly who he might be.

UGC and social media efforts will be seen through by the community as manufactured and artificial if there’s even a sniff of fake about them. Big (or any) brand beware! It’s critical you talk to someone who understands this stuff. It doesn’t need to be me, but I’d be glad to help.