One of the great pleasures I had this week at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference was seeing so many women both attending and taking part – many conferences you attend in this industry are male-dominated geekfests. On top of that, men in the industry can be condescending towards their female counterparts, failing to respect them for the powerful minds they possess. Minds that often bring a unique perspective to the issues we face.

I met or caught up with a bunch of really smart ladies this week that I would be proud to work with any day. I really hope some of them nominate topics and get more high profile speaking slots next year. If they do, what was a really good conference this year has the potential to be truly amazing next year.

Here’s my list of super-smart ladies to keep a watch on in this often boyish industry:

There’s also the amazing group of smart women I’m proud to call my friends, peers and colleagues back in Australia – Maria Horrigan, Jodie Miners, Kate Carruthers and Laurel Papworth in the management, social networking and Enterprise 2.0 industries and everyone else in other jobs (you know who you are).

We boys are in so much trouble if this group ever teams up!

Of course, I couldn’t let this post go past without acknowledging the premier smart lady in my life, Alli. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her she’s got one of the smartest HR strategy brains I know. Read her blog, you’ll see.