One of the great plea­sures I had this week at the Enter­prise 2.0 Con­fer­ence was see­ing so many women both attend­ing and tak­ing part — many con­fer­ences you attend in this indus­try are male-​​dominated geek­fests. On top of that, men in the indus­try can be con­de­scend­ing towards their female coun­ter­parts, fail­ing to respect them for the pow­er­ful minds they pos­sess. Minds that often bring a unique per­spec­tive to the issues we face.

I met or caught up with a bunch of really smart ladies this week that I would be proud to work with any day. I really hope some of them nom­i­nate top­ics and get more high pro­file speak­ing slots next year. If they do, what was a really good con­fer­ence this year has the poten­tial to be truly amaz­ing next year.

Here’s my list of super-​​smart ladies to keep a watch on in this often boy­ish industry:

There’s also the amaz­ing group of smart women I’m proud to call my friends, peers and col­leagues back in Aus­tralia — Maria Hor­ri­gan, Jodie Min­ers, Kate Car­ruthers and Lau­rel Pap­worth in the man­age­ment, social net­work­ing and Enter­prise 2.0 indus­tries and every­one else in other jobs (you know who you are).

We boys are in so much trou­ble if this group ever teams up!

Of course, I couldn’t let this post go past with­out acknowl­edg­ing the pre­mier smart lady in my life, Alli. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her she’s got one of the smartest HR strat­egy brains I know. Read her blog, you’ll see.