Jeremiah Owyang’s post yesterday was the trigger point for the phenomenon (and it was a phenomenon) where Twitter connectivity spiked between users. I’m guessing there were also a bunch of new users that came on board. Jeremiah’s reflecting on it today.

I personally picked up another 50-60 new followers and while I’ve not fully caught up, I’ve added most of them back. The corresponding increase in richness in the conversations I’m having will be interesting to watch.

That said, as a maven and connector (in the sense Malcolm Gladwell uses them in The Tipping Point), Jeremiah carries more than a little responsibility for this taking place – and I admire and congratulate him for it.

If someone like me, who shares a lot of his opinions, but has significantly less influence had done what he did, the net effect would have been considerably smaller.

Sure, Twitter is incredibly useful (and a lot of fun) and carries a significant load of online conversation, but it’s folks like Jeremiah that can make things really happen.