The Facebook is bad for business story I blogged about earlier has really got me annoyed. As such, I’m calling out News Ltd. and the journos associated with the story.

I challenge them to do a success story piece on social computing, Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 in Australia. I’m more than up for talking to them, as I imagine are people like Laurel Papworth, Cam Reilly, Bronwen Clune and Marty Wells.

Andrew West has the byline in the SMH and Dina Rosendorff at News Limited for the exact same story told with slightly different words. Makes me think it’s pretty much a regurgitated press release from Richard Cullen of SurfControl Technologies which seems to be the core source for the story.

So, here it is – Andrew, Dina or any other journalist working for News Limited or any other media house; I’m more than happy to give you my time to discuss social computing benefits and successes. And with the okay of my peers, I’m happy to point you in their direction for the same.