The Face­book is bad for busi­ness story I blogged about ear­lier has really got me annoyed. As such, I’m call­ing out News Ltd. and the journos asso­ci­ated with the story.

I chal­lenge them to do a suc­cess story piece on social com­put­ing, Web 2.0 and Enter­prise 2.0 in Aus­tralia. I’m more than up for talk­ing to them, as I imag­ine are peo­ple like Lau­rel Pap­worth, Cam Reilly, Bron­wen Clune and Marty Wells.

Andrew West has the byline in the SMH and Dina Rosendorff at News Lim­ited for the exact same story told with slightly dif­fer­ent words. Makes me think it’s pretty much a regur­gi­tated press release from Richard Cullen of Sur­f­Con­trol Tech­nolo­gies which seems to be the core source for the story.

So, here it is — Andrew, Dina or any other jour­nal­ist work­ing for News Lim­ited or any other media house; I’m more than happy to give you my time to dis­cuss social com­put­ing ben­e­fits and suc­cesses. And with the okay of my peers, I’m happy to point you in their direc­tion for the same.