Last Fri­day, Alli, Han­nah and I went to see Harry Pot­ter and the Order of the Phoenix with friends. But that’s not what this post is about. What this post is about is sev­eral related things to do with user experience.

Before the film, we went into the very excel­lent Bor­ders book­store here in Can­berra. We all found things we wanted to read, and I sug­gested we go sit in the Glo­ria Jeans cof­fee shop inside the store. Alli was a lit­tle con­cerned, cof­fee on expen­sive books and all. The store assis­tant that hap­pened to be stand­ing near us over­heard and responded with very friendly words to the effect that, “Take what you like into the cof­fee shop. Get­ting cof­fee on books hap­pens. It won’t worry us.”

Fan­tas­tic user experience!

It’s not like we aren’t already huge fans of this store, but now, we’re even big­ger fans.

My pur­chases at Bor­ders were the lat­est issues of Fast Com­pany and Busi­ness 2.0 mag­a­zines. I read the news pub­lished on the respec­tive web­sites, fol­low the blogs and occa­sion­ally pick up the print ver­sion (Trees. Yes, I know.). I’ve been intend­ing to sub­scribe for ages and once we got home, went to both sites to subscribe.

The cost to sub­scribe comes out sig­nif­i­cantly lower than buy­ing from the newsagent or Bor­ders, even with an over­seas (from the US) sub­scrip­tion. The Fast Com­pany process was a breeze — fast, easy, every­thing catered for. Busi­ness 2.0 on the other hand… Easy if you live in the USA, a night­mare oth­er­wise — despite the sub­scrip­tion form inserts in the mag­a­zine list­ing an over­seas price and direct­ing you to the web­site. There’s just no way for a non-​​US res­i­dent to sub­scribe online.

Bad user experience.

Despite this, I still want to sub­scribe, so if any­one from Time, Inc. or Busi­ness 2.0 hap­pens to be read­ing, email me and let me know how to do this, please!