Woohoo! Slideshare has listed Liberate your control freaks as a featured presentation!

In my experience, us geeks are pretty much as normal as everyone else. Despite appearances and interests. I reckon this was proved last night at WebJam 3, where I presented Liberate your control freaks, a blitz manifesto on getting your business to adopt social computing as a way to improve knowledge sharing. I’ve put my slides up on up on SlideShare, but it’s also embedded below.

It was a tough room. My opening question to the audience, “So. Who here works somewhere that social computing apps are blocked in any way?” got a show of about three hands in a room of two hundred. Most of them probably didn’t believe they were actually in the minority.

WebJam is a great event. A couple of hundred web geeks boozing and watching lightning (three minute) presentations. The format is challenging, as I proved to myself. When you hold down the button on an Apple remote just that litle bit too long, your presentation jumps to the last slide. This killed my tightly timed presentation and I ended up missing a few key slides.

Still, the format is supposed to be fun, and fun it was. Even better was getting to put faces and voices to names that appear in Twitter, Skype and other social networks for me. I got to meet Cubicle Commando author, Zern Liew, Mick Liubinskas and several others (dekrazee1) from Tangler, WebJam organiser Lachlan Hardy, Andrew Spaulding from Adobe and Nick Hodge from Microsoft all for the first time. I also got to catch up with Andrew Muller (who has also done a great wrap-up at builder.au), Mark Blair, Mark Szulc and Matt Voerman.

Highlight of the night without question, was Australia’s answer to Napoleon Dynamite, Lachlan Hunt. Best conversation of the night was the pre-event chat Andrew Muller and I had with the barmaid who was trying to figure out whether WebJam involved music, geeks, or something else. We set her straight, but I reckon she didn’t really have a handle on it until after the event finished.