Woohoo! Slideshare has listed Lib­er­ate your con­trol freaks as a fea­tured pre­sen­ta­tion!

In my expe­ri­ence, us geeks are pretty much as nor­mal as every­one else. Despite appear­ances and inter­ests. I reckon this was proved last night at Web­Jam 3, where I pre­sented Lib­er­ate your con­trol freaks, a blitz man­i­festo on get­ting your busi­ness to adopt social com­put­ing as a way to improve knowl­edge shar­ing. I’ve put my slides up on up on SlideShare, but it’s also embed­ded below.

It was a tough room. My open­ing ques­tion to the audi­ence, “So. Who here works some­where that social com­put­ing apps are blocked in any way?” got a show of about three hands in a room of two hun­dred. Most of them prob­a­bly didn’t believe they were actu­ally in the minority.

Web­Jam is a great event. A cou­ple of hun­dred web geeks booz­ing and watch­ing light­ning (three minute) pre­sen­ta­tions. The for­mat is chal­leng­ing, as I proved to myself. When you hold down the but­ton on an Apple remote just that litle bit too long, your pre­sen­ta­tion jumps to the last slide. This killed my tightly timed pre­sen­ta­tion and I ended up miss­ing a few key slides.

Still, the for­mat is sup­posed to be fun, and fun it was. Even bet­ter was get­ting to put faces and voices to names that appear in Twit­ter, Skype and other social net­works for me. I got to meet Cubi­cle Com­mando author, Zern Liew, Mick Liu­bin­skas and sev­eral oth­ers (dekrazee1) from Tan­gler, Web­Jam organ­iser Lach­lan Hardy, Andrew Spauld­ing from Adobe and Nick Hodge from Microsoft all for the first time. I also got to catch up with Andrew Muller (who has also done a great wrap-​​up at builder​.au), Mark Blair, Mark Szulc and Matt Voer­man.

High­light of the night with­out ques­tion, was Australia’s answer to Napoleon Dyna­mite, Lach­lan Hunt. Best con­ver­sa­tion of the night was the pre-​​event chat Andrew Muller and I had with the bar­maid who was try­ing to fig­ure out whether Web­Jam involved music, geeks, or some­thing else. We set her straight, but I reckon she didn’t really have a han­dle on it until after the event finished.