Over at Read/​Write Web, they are cur­rently run­ning a poll on what form of feed reader their audi­ence uses. Web-​​based read­ers (Google Reader, Rojo, Blog­lines) have the lion’s share of the poll results.

How­ever, like a few of the com­menters, I agree that this poll is heav­ily skewed to the geek demo­graphic. Ser­vices like Zookoda serve a large group of non-​​geek (and geek) users with push email of their news. News that is eas­ily avail­able via RSS.

I look to my wife, Alli, as the per­fect exam­ple. She is a highly capa­ble non-​​geek (she is in HR) who gets the vast major­ity of her daily news through push email, despite those sources invari­ably offer­ing feeds. She knows about and “gets” RSS, but she doesn’t have the time or desire to invest in build­ing the col­lec­tion of her infor­ma­tion sources as a set of feeds in Google Reader or somesuch.

Delib­er­ate infor­ma­tion con­sump­tion via RSS is still very much a niche space.