Con­fabb is a new web app to aid in the atten­dance, review and pub­lic­ity work for con­fer­ences. It’s got a hint of upcom​ing​.org about it, but with that very spe­cific con­fer­ence focus. It applies a bunch of neat Web 2.0 con­cepts — reviews, tag­ging, shar­ing, etc. to its func­tion set. I think it’s a great idea!

Confabb screenshot

If Con­fabb gets trac­tion in the non-​​geek con­fer­ence attendee group, I’d say it’s set­ting itself up to be a sig­nif­i­cant player in the con­fer­ence space.

I can cer­tainly see myself using Con­fabb to dis­cuss the small num­ber (I’d love to be a ser­ial attendee, but I’m not there yet) of con­fer­ences I get to each year. I might even try to organ­ise an event or two.

Robert Scoble shares my view (he was first, actu­ally), and TechCrunch has a very in-​​depth dis­cus­sion up.