Serendip­ity is a curi­ous thing… I picked up the PDF ver­sion of 37signalsGet­ting Real over the week­end, after I did some inves­ti­ga­tion of their hosted apps (Base­camp, Back­pack, etc.) for acid­labs. At almost the same time, Life­hack and then Life­Clever pub­lished links to the free, online ver­sion of the book.

Getting Real cover

If you’re a soft­ware devel­oper or part of a small startup, this book is absolutely for you. Fur­ther, work­ers (and par­tic­u­larly man­agers) in large IT-​​driven organ­i­sa­tions would do well to adopt some of the flex­i­ble prac­tices sug­gested by the book.

Go read the free ver­sion, and if you like it, buy a copy for yourself.